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Ibinabo Enebi

Hello everyone, and welcome to my website, ibinaboenebi.com. I’m absolutely delighted to have you here.

A little about me

I’m Ibinabo Enebi, and I can now safely say that my life is a beautiful journey of ups and downs.

What had appeared to be fragments of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities were, in fact, the outlines and colours necessary to create this worthy experience I call my life!

The beautiful life. The Ibinabo life.

My name Ibinabo simply means: ‘you came with goodness,’ ‘you came with beauty ‘or ‘you came well.’

Just so you know, I’m your everyday girl who knows what it feels like to be beaten down by fear and self-doubt. 

Like you, I’ve sat curled behind my bathroom door and wept myself sore.

But! I noticed this about me: that amidst my tears was also a little fight still left within.

And so laced around my puffy red eyes and stuffy nose is a glint in my soul that holds me together.

Ibinabo Enebi

An assurance and hope that tells me disappointments aren’t the end of the road in life.

Instead, they’re a bend that extends your capacity to endure, to believe, and to forge ahead in faith.  

The faith that tells me: “This too shall come to pass.” And guess what? It always does, thankfully.

Why I started blogging

I started blogging because I saw the commonality of our human experiences.

Our life journeys are filled with rich content to share with others. These experiences are not just ours to tell, but also serve as a survival kit for those who are about to experience the same.”

Ibinabo Enebi

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Our Story – Ibi Speaks

Our stories and experiences, when shared, make our journey lighter — our voices become the streetlights that help illuminate the path of those travelling behind us.

ibinaboenebi.com is a website that offers tips and solutions to its readers. So, expect to read about topics that speak to life issues here. 

Combining my experience as a creative, wife and mum, researched information and those of my guest writers, I’m confident that you’re in safe hands because you’ll gain from our nuanced and wide-reaching perspectives.

Here to hold your hands

Truth be told, we may not get it right all the time. In fact, what worked for others may not work for you.

Then why bother? You might ask me. Well, I’ll give you the reason.

I’m doing this to let you know you are not alone.

There are millions who are lost in the translation of the roles they play for others and the duties they must perform!

Some of them were once like you and me.

And like them, we sometimes must go through our stuff to arrive at the breakthrough we always wanted.

All I can tell you is this:

Your breakthrough is possible. Get the lid off your mind. There’s nothing impossible for those who believe.

Welcome to my world, a wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend.

A journalist and a CELTA certified English as a Second Language Teacher by training, I’m a poet by design and a YouTuber, finally.

You are welcome to read our blog posts to your heart’s content, and as you do, please leave a comment or better still, share your experiences with our community of readers.

Thank you.

Ibinabo Enebi 
Founder ibinaboenebi.com

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