Refresh to Relaunch 2024 Online Q&A Session

Refresh To Relaunch 2024 Online Q&A Session: Relocation Nuggets!

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Moving to a new country is life-changing, with opportunities and challenges. It’s a decision that can reshape your life, bringing immense opportunities or unexpected hurdles.

And not only that, but it’s also a journey that humbles and transforms you in unimaginable ways. 

So, if you are planning to relocate but are unsure of the right approach or the essential questions to consider or have already relocated but can’t seem to make a headway.

Then join us in this year’s Refresh to Relaunch 2024 Online Q&A Session as our expert panel of speakers discuss the five things you must know if you plan to relocate in 2024!

This interactive session will feature speakers who will answer all your critical issues authentically and honestly.

Consequently, you’ll be able to navigate the challenges and opportunities around relocating to a foreign country successfully, eventually.

Whether you’re a professional or simply someone or a family looking for an honest, untainted, and transformational relocation perspective, this event is for you.

Gain insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and find the inspiration you need to make the best decision for yourself in 2024!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to refresh your mindset and relaunch your dreams. 

Meet the Speakers

Ruth Simwanza

Ruth Simwanza is a Zambian Native who currently resides in Ireland.

She will share insights on how to align with the country properly spiritually you are immigrating to and why Immigration is Spiritual.

According to Simwanza:

“Immigration is spiritual. The land and the people of the land must be honoured. You can’t badmouth the people of the land and expect to prosper.”

Simwanza is a Clinical Systems Analyst in the Healthcare Industry with over 14 years of experience in IT Business Analysis (Software Development).

Being a refugee herself, she has developed a heart for immigrants, especially those of African Descent.

She lived and worked in Johannesburg, South Africa, for 27 years, and keenly understands the social, mental, and spiritual aspects of being a foreigner.

Furthermore, Ruth identifies as a Woman of Great Faith.

She spends most of her spare time working in the Kingdom of God. Her motto is “With God, all things are possible”.

Eghosa David Obaseki

Eghosa David Obaseki is a Global Logistics Specialist who resides in Canada. He will tell you why Extensive Research is Crucial for a Successful Outcome.

You will learn valuable insights on preparing from your home country, the importance of research, actionable steps to start confidently, and common mistakes to avoid.

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Roos Demol is a Flemish woman from Cork who moved to Ireland in 1998.

From her, you will learn why You Must Have a Renewed Mindset to succeed as a migrant professional.

You will also gain valuable insights on how to adapt to change, correctly highlight your skills on your CV, acquire new skill sets, and understand the culture of your new country, to mention a few.

She is a passionate defender of human rights. She is the Co-Founder of International Community Dynamics CLG, trading as Recruit Refugees Ireland.

Known by many as Mama Rosa, her motto is: “create change through positive action”.

She has advocated for refugees on webinars with IBEC, IHREC and Tech4Good, in panels and seminars at UCC and TCD and on the radio with Live line on Radio2, 96Fm opinion line and other local radios.

Roos recently organised the Festival of Belonging with International Community Dynamics in Cork to great praise from everyone involved.

She is a proud board member of the Africa Solidarity Centre, where she serves as Vice-chairperson.

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Morayo Amao

Morayo Amao over 20 years of teaching experience in Nigeria and London.

As a result, she has mastered her skills and climbed the ranks to attain a senior leadership role within the Primary School setting.

She will help you gain insights into why you must plan for the holistic development of your child should you decide to relocate with your school-age children.

In additional, her expertise lies in pastoral care, behaviour management, and safeguarding, reflecting a commitment to fostering a positive and secure learning environment.

Morayo is passionate about shaping young minds, her commitment to fostering a positive and secure educational environment has been a driving force throughout her career.

Dr John Malaka

Dr John Malaka is a native of Delta State, Nigeria, who has been living in Ireland since 2015.

You will gain insights on how Relocation Could Impact Heavily Your Second-Generation Family from him.

Following medical school in Lagos, Nigeria, he practised general and emergency medicine in the private sector.

He has been practising as a mental health professional in Ireland for the past eight years.

John is particularly interested in promoting general mental well-being in the community, particularly the African community.

His special interests within psychiatry are sociocultural research, academic teaching, and youth mental health.

He will share insights on the enormous impact on you and your family’s mental health.

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Ibinabo Enebi

Ibinabo Enebi

I am Ibi Enebi and I can now safely say that my life is a beautiful journey of ups and downs. What had appeared to be fragments of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities were in fact the dots and ink necessary to create this worthy experience, I call my life! The beautiful life. The 'Ibinabo' life. Ibinabo is the long form of my name, shortened as Ibi. And it simply means: you came with goodness, you came with beauty or you came well. There is nothing really spectacular about me, for I am your everyday girl who has felt broken and beaten down by fear and sometimes doubt. Like you, I have sat curled behind my bathroom door and wept myself sore. However, amidst the tears, I also had a little fight in me and so, in spite of my puffy red eyes, my soul had a glint that held me together. An assurance and a hope, that in life, a disappointment is not the end of the road but a bend that extends your capacity to endure and to believe in faith. A faith that tells you that: ‘this too shall come to pass’. And guess what, it always does, thankfully. So, I’m Ibi, a wife, a mother of four, a sister, a friend and an aunt.

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