The Truth About Today’s Woman

The Truth About Today’s Woman

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Whether you are a man or a woman, I think women’s month should be an important milestone in your year. 

It’s great to see schools, people and social media honouring the unacknowledged history of women. 

However, it would be wonderful to have this recognition every year, but that hasn’t been the case.

I suppose this is part of the many struggles of 21st-century women, the truth about today’s women.

Notable Achievements by Women

Rosa Parks
Mother of the civil rights movement
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Many amazing discoveries, creations and movements by women have been brought to light.

The first person to win two Nobel Prizes, Marie Curie, discovered radioactivity and discovered two elements.

 Rosa Parks, the woman who didn’t back down in the face of discrimination, changed the world with her act of bravery. 

And, of course, Harriet Tubman, a formerly enslaved person, led three hundred other enslaved people to freedom. 

These powerful women paved the way for young women today, and I think young girls must learn of such things to know what they’re capable of.

Still More Grounds to Cover

Women have come a long way
Image Credit: FatCamera

We’ve come a long way since women weren’t allowed to vote or just quickly get birth control, but that’s not saying there isn’t any struggle for women today.

The Truth About Today’s Woman

Struggles like gender roles, pay gaps, the objectification and sexualisation of our bodies, and gender violence are still very prevalent today. 

These, unfortunately, are part of the struggles of the women of today.

And even though being a woman is a beautiful thing, it is difficult!

That being said, here are the truths about today’s woman in my opinion.

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# 1 What Feminism Means to Me

Feminism has helped women. 

Whether a woman leaves an unhealthy relationship or gets a job in a male-dominated field, it’s remarkable how powerfully feminism aids us. 

The word feminist has got such negative connotations.

I think it’s because the media loves to shine a light on the crazy videos of raging women and then claim it’s what all feminists are like. 

Feminist March
The word feminist has got such negative connotations. Image Credit: Sangiao Photographer

They’ve created this narrative that feminists are lazy, angry, sensitive, or unhinged, but that is far from the truth. 

Such a narrative makes it easier to hate women and what feminism stands for. Too many people think it is embarrassing to label themselves feminists. 

However, I don’t think there is anything more empowering.

I appreciate that the feminist #MeToo movement enthused millions of women to speak out about the acts of sexual misconduct they have endured, letting other women know they are not alone in their struggles. 

The sense of togetherness is empowering. The notion that feminism is embarrassing baffles me.

#2 Having Children Shouldn’t Define a Woman! 

To create, carry and nourish a whole being in your body for nine months is an ability that is, without a doubt, extraordinary.

People shouldn’t measure your worth or respect towards you based on whether you have children. 

Every woman deserves respect, regardless of whether she has children. If a woman does not want a child, that is also fine. It’s her decision to make. 

EmmA O

Pushing this idea that women should just settle down, get a husband, and have children does more harm than good. 

It would lead to more people being poor parents.

How so? It’ll make people will feel compelled to act like everyone else rather than taking the time to raise children in a stable and nurturing environment.   

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a lady who would like to stay at home and take care of the children, but it should be their choice. 

#3 Marriage Shouldn’t Define a Woman!

Marriage shouldn’t define a woman
Image Credit: DigitalSkillet

Marriage and children are heavily forced on women. 

Many of us girls were taught how to cook, clean, and do many other house chores, even from an early age. 

Of course, learning all these essential life skills is good, but we are often told that we need to know this when we find a husband. Not so we can learn to live responsibly on our own. 

No, just for some man to deem you worthy enough for your hand in marriage. 

What is this teaching young girls? Their value as humans is reduced to how a man will view them. 

#4 We Deal with a Lot More Than Clothes

We feel our bodies belong to someone
else Image Credit: South_ Agency

I’m sure if you asked a woman or even a young girl if she had heard “cover-up”, “close your legs”, or “you’re showing too much skin”, 99% of the time, it’s a yes. 

Why do we hear such things so often? 

Our bodies belong to someone else; it appears. Because of the hyper-sexualisation of the female body, a belly top or short skirt is seen as slutty or for attracting men’s attention. 

It’s human anatomy.

It’s time for people to realise that women’s choice of clothing is not about anyone but them. 

Surprise! Surprise! Not everything we do is for men. This type of thinking has pushed many teenage girls to have body insecurities. 

# 5 The Pressure is Real!

The pressure is real Image Credit: Key Short

Many of us feel like we don’t reach the ever-changing beauty standards created by men.

 Sadly, it isn’t shocking that eating disorders are more than twice as prevalent in females as males.

Appearance is critical for us teens. Worst of all, we focus more on parts of ourselves we don’t like.

Teenagers often feel shame about their bodies, which is horrible and has negative effects on young people.  

Thankfully, more representations of different body types are shown in the media, and I think it’s always nice to see someone like you on screen.


Despite the obstacles, we stand firm. We persevere. There are so many lessons we’ve learned. We will continue to grow. 

 Just like what I said before, being a woman is beautiful, but it is obviously difficult.  

That’s what makes us so formidable. 

We don’t back down in the face of discrimination.

We face and fight them because that’s what we have been taught to do because we are warriors


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