Refresh to Relaunch 2022, Live Event

Refresh to Relaunch 2022, Q & A Event

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In the last two years, the world has been brought down to its knees, towered over by the COVID -19 virus.

Many of us are casualties or recovering from the pandemic, affected by it in one form or another.

While some of us have had to make transitions – voluntarily, painfully, or forcefully because of this invasion- the rest of us suffered a dent in our confidence, productivity, mental health, general wellbeing, and so much more!

The truth about this situation now is that we’re all exhausted from this long-drawn saga.

We yearn to go back to normal, at least in the best conceivable way.

Why the event?

For this reason, Ibinabo Enebi has decided to organise her first Refresh to Relaunch 2022 Q & A Session, where specially selected guests have come together to help put back the glide in your stride as you journey into the year.

They are here to help you find the shine in you, to make you realise that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.

To those of us faced with the challenges of making mid-career transitions, you’ll learn tips on finding fulfilment in your journey.

We understand that your health is your wealth, especially in our present predicament.

So, you’ll learn valuable tips on how to make the left shift in your health and wellbeing.

We’re aware, too, that you can’t refresh optimally without gaining insight into your mental health. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered on that one!

You’re in safe hands because you’ll be learning from individuals who are not only passionate about you but also equipped with the expertise and experience required to help you make sense of where you are in your life’s journey.

What to expect

This event is going to be in two parts.

In the first part, you’ll listen to the guest speakers give a general presentation on their topic of expertise in their allotted time.

The second part is a breakout (question and answer) session where you, the participant, will interact with the guest speakers and ask them questions about the topic of your interest.

I bet you’ll benefit immensely from this event.

Here is the list of the topics we will be discussing

  • You’ve got a shine in you. Find it!
  • It’s never too late to achieve your dreams
  • Finding fulfilment in mid-career transitions
  • Gaining insight into your mental health
  • Promoting a left shift in your health and wellbeing

NB: Kindly indicate your topic of interest during your registration for the event.

Event Flyer

Refresh to Relaunch 2022, Q & A Event

About our Guest Speakers

Clara Rufai

Clara Rufai, also known as The Shine Strategist, is a Corporate Lawyer, Compliance Manager, Author, Public Speaker, Book Consultant, Storyteller, Coach, Mentor, and the Recipient of Multiple Awards.

She is the Editor-In-Chief of Shine Magazine, President and Founder of The Shine Zone, a social enterprise specialising in leadership, personal development, and empowerment while creating platforms, resources, and tools for individuals and businesses to find their Shine Zone(s) and thrive.

She is also the Host of the Shine Capsules Podcast, the Convener of the annual Leap and Shine Conference, and the Creator of the yearly Shine Legacy Awards.

Clara uses her SHINE Philosophy and various platforms to empower people to (S)tart (H)arness (I)dentify (N)etwork and (E)xpress their Brilliance, so they can travel on a more rewarding and personally fulfilling path in life.

More details about Clara can be found on her website:

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Cresta Durojaiye

Cresta Durojaiye, CPO® is a Certified Professional Organiser and one of Africa’s leading Productivity Experts, Author, Podcaster and Life Strategist who teaches and empowers people with practical tools and strategies to live fuller and perform optimally.

She serves as the Founding Chairperson of the Association of Productivity and Organising Professionals in Nigeria (APON).

She is the author of the MadHouse Professional Organising Book and President of PineTree Group of Companies (currently comprising PineTree Organisers; Inspire! By PineTree; and PineTree Container Store).

Cresta received the London 2020 Shine Legacy Award in Productivity and the WEF Cairo 2020 Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award.

She is a WEF London 2019 Speaker and Recipient of the WEF London 2019 Iconic Woman Award.

Cresta is passionate about creating systems and structures for organised workflow and personal transformation.

She also places a major premium on family life as a wife and hands-on Mum to two amazing girls.

More details about Cresta can be found on her website:

Nike Akerele-De Sousa

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Nike Akerele- De Sousa is an Executive – Chartered Accountant/Human Capital Specialist/Social Entrepreneur, with more than 30 years combined experience in varied industries, including the Consulting and Not for Profit (NGO) sectors in the United States, Nigeria, and Ghana.

She worked in a few accounting/consulting firms for the initial 15 years of her career, including many years with Arthur Andersen/KPMG in Nigeria.

She, subsequently, became the Founder/CEO of PeoplePrime and PeopleTemp, where she was involved in launching various career and skills development initiatives with clients.

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She is the Co-Founder of Teach for Nigeria, an organisation that intervenes to turn around children’s learning outcomes in schools in marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

Nike recently completed her master’s degree in Educational Planning, Economics, and International Development at University College London (UCL).

She is on the board of Teach for Nigeria, ALIWA and Lyra in Africa.

Dr Tonye Ogan

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Dr Tonye Ogan is a psychiatrist and has worked in the United Kingdom and Nigeria as a General Practitioner.

She has worked in various capacities within the National Health Service (NHS) including, General Psychiatry, Old Age Psychiatry, Crisis Team, Community Psychiatry, and Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatry.

Dr Ogan has been working in the private sector for the last five years, specialising in Female Psychiatric Intensive Care and Female Personality Disorders and Rehabilitation.

She is approved under section 12 of the Mental Health Act and is currently working towards being an approved Clinician under the Act.

She was ordained as a Minister in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) group of churches five years ago and an avid member of various choirs within RCCG.

Dr Ogan frequently uses her medical and faith background to promote mental health awareness within the church and has spoken at events regionally.

Dr Abiye Hector-Goma

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Dr Abiye Hector-Goma is Lead General Practitioner at Allerton and Westfield Medical Centres, and Clinical Director Chapeltown Primary Care Network, Leeds, United Kingdom (UK).

He provides primary health services through planned and unscheduled consultations, preventive, promotive and curative health services in the UK National Health Service.

He has in-depth experience in primary care and cross-sectoral collaboration for health, having worked in public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

His special interests are cardiovascular risk management and lifestyle intervention, patient safety, mobile technology in health, patients taking responsibility for their wellbeing and tackling the broad determinants of health.

Dr Goma is a driver of practice improvement processes such as:

  • Organising public health discourse with community, church and social groups on self-care and lifestyle intervention.
  • Arranging health checks and specialist medical consultation for private health tourists.
  • And being actively involved in medical missions, cardiovascular and health education, and annual teaching visits abroad.

Ibinabo Enebi

Ibinabo Enebi

I'm Ibinabo Enebi, and I can now safely say that my life is a beautiful journey of ups and downs. What had appeared to be fragments of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities were, in fact, the dots and colours necessary to create this worthy experience I call my life. I'm a wife, a mother of four, a sister, a friend, and an aunt. I hold a BA (Hons) in English Studies and a Master of Arts degree.

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