Your words are a unit of creation, use them wisely!

Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!

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Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!
Your words are the unit of creation. Use them wisely!
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Growing up in my elementary school days, I never liked reading. Instead, I had an unrivalled preference for watching cartoons and listening to music, I didn’t have a clue back then that my words were a unit of creation, much less, using them wisely.

Flipping through the pages of a book was somewhat of a challenge, an almost impossible challenge, I would say, as I always thought to myself: What are these written in black ink on paper given to us to read?

For me, imagination was everything! I perceived my world through it, and honestly, I couldn’t be bothered about what Mrs Jones had to say in class.

The love for words is born

Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!
I was often distracted in class
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Now, Mrs Jones was quite a teacher. She was both matronly and intuitive, and knew her pupils very well.

Nothing got past her as she seemed to have her eyes planted everywhere.  Her laser-sharp piercing gaze made us even more convinced that she was a mind reader!

So, when one day, she noticed that I was distracted from a class activity again, as it had become my pattern again, she called me aside for a chat afterwards.

Standing from the place of teacher and mother, she introduced me to the beauty of words in books.

Mrs Jones helped my flittering mind connect with the creative force of words, allowing it to make sense of the power of the black ink on paper.

That moment was like a rebirth for me, and it didn’t take long for me to realise that my imagination and love for animations, pictures, and motion was intertwined with spoken and written words.

She opened my mind to the power of words, explaining to me that with words, I could create the future that I desired!

Nothing works if there are no words.

And there laid the spark! My eureka moment.

Since then, I have embraced that unit of creation, treasuring and drawing from her to create and redefine my world.


What connects everything? Words, the unit of creation!

Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!
Words are the currency of transaction, which practically enables how the world works.
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Have you ever wondered how our world operates? How everything seems to touch one another, leaning on the energy that comes from each other?

All of these, in my observation, stem from what I describe as the unit of creation, our WORDS.

It’s first conceptualised from that realm (words), then designed from the unseen and expressed for all to see.

Words are the currency of transaction, which practically enables how the world works.

Its intangibility proves that what we see is a slave to what we don’t see and that this intangible realm creates the material world.

Every profession, career, civilisation, desire and all that follows, begin from this unit of creation, the building block of WORDS.

Consequently, everything we see is made possible through the agency of words that flow from the human vessel.

Even then, the fascinating thing about it is that being unaware of its influence doesn’t make it non-existent.

And like gravity, it’s waiting to be taken advantage of in building great futures.

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Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!
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Words saved my life

Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!
Words saved my life
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This story will be incomplete without the piece of the puzzle that awakened the power of words within me.

In 2017, a make-or-break decision in my career set me on a course that almost destroyed me.

It so happened that I got caught in the web of organisational politics fueled by ethnic bias, which resulted in my unceremonious transfer.

I was in the Corporate Office, receiving all the corporate attention, but the transfer took me to one of our field locations, which I considered a form of punishment.

Naturally, the experience threw me into a state of depression and doubt, making me question my capacity and competence in my field.

All I wanted was to be pitied and sympathised with.

During this period, through my wife, God reminded me of the gift of words I possessed, pressing further to say that I could get myself out of the situation by engaging with the ‘power’  Mrs Jones had told me of when I was a little boy.

As if to confirm what she said, a scripture was impressed firmly upon my heart, and it was:

“In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him, nothing was made that was made”.

John 1: 1-10.

However, despite her encouragement and inspiration from the scriptures, I just couldn’t let go of the pain and hurt blows dealt me.

From there, I went on a downward spiral for almost two and half years, losing myself, gradually slipping away like a boat lost at sea.

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Rebuilding my life with wise words

Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!
I knew that I had to create something to live, and all I could lay my hands on were words
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2020 brought the break for me on the heels of the Pandemic.

So, while the world stood still during the lockdown, I felt the need to do something.

I knew that I had to create something to live, and all I could lay my hands on were words.

Thankfully, I had been doing some writing before then, non-academic, that is, but nothing serious.

I had to discipline myself, believe in myself, and encourage myself.

And with the surge of energy gathering inside me, I began to look for the bits of scrap notes I had, scattered around.

I gradually started to engage with what I had written and read.

Eventually, I mustered enough courage to look past my pain, disappointments, and failures and channelled my energy into writing.

Words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!

This awakening brought about my first book, published in December 2020 titled, ‘A Cocktail of Words’, a collection of my poems and thoughts.

It was followed by a sequel, ‘The Colour of Words’, and ‘My HR Notebook’, a memoir of my Human Resources career.

Your words are the unit of creation, use them wisely!
‘The Word Café Podcastwith Amax’
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Also, within this period, I launched my podcast, ‘The Word Café Podcast with Amax’.

My unique message to the world is the power behind the words of our mouth.

Unleashing the power of words to create the desirable

We have made light of it but cannot escape the fruits thereof.

Words, to me, are the unit of creation, the building block on which our existence evolves.

I now use my podcast as a platform for everyone who wants to better their living by using words and applying themselves wisely.

Infused with storytelling and imaginative nuances, I transport my listeners to a place where possibilities aren’t luxuries but everyday experiences; I call it movie in voice.

My podcast emphasises the power of routine! What you repeatedly do, you most likely will build capacity and expertise for.


My goal is to help you learn how to practice success, knowing that the amount of time you spend complaining equals the amount needed to plant, build, prune, and so on.

My intention is to draw your attention to the power of your words.

The vital ingredient required in creating an excellent recipe for success and greatness is WORDS; this is true for an individual or a corporate entity.

The most beautiful thing about it is that it’s inexpensive.

Its acquisition really doesn’t cost a thing, but its usage will cost you everything if not appropriated wisely.



Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa is a strategic HR thinker who brings quality out-turn through HR processes.

A graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Port Harcourt, Afanyaa, also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Human Resources Management from the University of Liverpool.

He is a creative writer and author and also hosts a podcast show titled ‘The Word Café Podcast with Amax.


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Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa

Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa

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