Valentine's Day Survival Guide for Teens

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Teens

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Valentine’s Day is a day of love, romance, hugs, kisses, and flowers – a day to celebrate with your special someone or confess to your crush.

At least, that’s the general perception people have of the day. However, some think it’s just an elaborate scam orchestrated by card companies.

Irrespective of whether Valentine’s Day is a huge scam, it’s still a special day for us teens.

That’s why it’s even more important to have a Valentine’s Day survival guide!

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of couples had to go a long time without seeing each other face to face, which, of course, put a strain on some relationships.

It disappointed those who couldn’t spend the day with their partners, but that didn’t stop them from being creative.

I heard some people embarked on virtual dates. I thought that idea was cute – having dinner together, candles lit, chatting away on a video call.

Although this doesn’t replace an actual physical date, it’s a handy fix in situations like these.


Together Again, At Last!

Valentine's Day Survival Guide for Teens
Thankfully, couples can go out and enjoy themselves again!
Image Credit Chrisboy 2004

Thankfully, now that majority of the restrictions are no longer in place, couples can go out and enjoy themselves again!

The excitement of finally spending time with your significant other again is indescribable as you get to surprise them with gifts, hold their hands, and appreciate them in person.

But this doesn’t come without its added pressure, namely the pressures of buying the right gifts and maintaining boundaries.

The Pressure of Buying the Right Gifts

Valentine's Day Survival Guide for Teens
It’s the thought that counts!
Image Credit Fotosipsak

Choosing what to gift your partner is a nerve-racking experience, especially in new relationships.

The idea of them disliking their gift is stressful because… after all, who wants to ruin Valentine’s Day? That would suck.

I think it’s the thought that counts, though it might sound cliché.

If a person likes you, I’m sure they would cherish any gift you give them solely because it came from you.

The Pressure of Maintaining Boundaries

Valentine's Day Survival Guide for Teens
No one should ever feel like they owe their partner something they aren’t ready for.
Image Credit Digitalskillet

The words romance, love, or simply Valentine’s Day imply intimacy.

Of course, it sounds like a given if you’re in a relationship. The idea is daunting in teen relationships.

You may have been comfortable holding hands, but on Valentine’s Day, there can be a sense of pressure to take it further.

Some might be worried they could disappoint or offend their partner by refusing to go that far.

If that’s the case, then that isn’t a healthy relationship.

No one should ever feel like they owe their partner something they aren’t ready for.
Your wellbeing should always be the priority.

With that said, here are some of my Valentine’s Day survival guide for teens.

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Valentine’s Day survival guide for teens

Valentine's Day Survival Guide for Teens
Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Teens
Image Credit Nejron

Know that Valentine’s Day is different for each couple, as no relationship is the same.

Some people like to go all out, fancy dress, fancy suit, fancy dinner, just all out, romantic movie style.

Others would rather just watch a romantic movie snuggled up together. It’s doing something you love with the person you love that makes the entire day so special.

No wonder there is so much pressure to make this day perfect, yet it’s supposed to be special.

We also need to realise that perfect doesn’t equal special. Just have fun. Enjoy it instead of stressing. I’m sure your partner wouldn’t want you to be stressing over them, either.

While it might just be another dumb day for some, it may be the most memorable day for others.

The meaning of Valentine’s Day differs from person to person.

It doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not, you can enjoy the day with your friends or by yourself.

It’s a day to remember. I hope I’ll hear a lot of sweet stories after the day.

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