3 Best Selling Inspirational And Productivity Year Planners For 2021

3 Best Selling Inspirational And Productivity Year Planners For 2021

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Do you know that you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write down a step by step process on how you intend to reach them?


That’s why I’ll be telling you about three bestselling inspirational and productivity year planners for 2021. 

They’ll help keep you organised so that you can avoid new year’s resolution failures in 2021.

Your Life As A Mum…

Three bestselling Inspirational And Productivity Year Planners For 2021
Busy Mum

Being a parent, especially a mum, is quite rewarding. Yet, it’s one of the most self-effacing roles you can ever take on. 

Once you become a mother, you enter into a default mode; I call my family first.

In this mode, your dreams and aspirations are pushed down to the bottom of the pile.

Indeed, you know as well as I do that if you don’t pause for a moment to self-reflect, you may never see beyond your ever compounding to-do list of responsibilities.

Mums will always put their families first; we are inexplicably wired that way. 

I can tell you, too, that words can’t adequately or articulately express the joy a mother feels when she sees her child thrive.

I know that exhilarating feeling. But! self-care is important too.

Just a while ago, I was having a conversation with one of my childhood friends.

 It so happened that we both had the same thoughts filtering through our minds.

As teens and young adults, we were on top of our game, not afraid to aspire, had excellent grades in college, and were the toast of the town (at least in our heads).

We soon got married and were on course with family life.

While others can balance things out and still pursue their life goals, others get stuck in this self-effacing role.

Here is how I explain this phenomenon to myself:

You get lost in the translation of  the  roles you play in your life, and until you do something about it, nothing can be done about it.”

Why You Need  An Inspirational And Productivity Year Planner…

You see, a typical day in your life as a mum starts and ends with caring for your family.

Working outside the home doesn’t absolve you from the long and unending list of responsibilities, be they -child care and school run arrangements, homework, after school activities, grocery shopping, preparing dinner, planning birthday parties and family visits, and the doctor’s appointments.

As a matter of fact, you’re most likely to stop whatever you’re doing to attend to any pressing need if the situation arises.

Judging by these, the only way to effectively plan and successfully execute your goals is to have a planner.

To accomplish any goal, be it self-care, nutrition, financial, career, or any type of plan, you must first commit to writing it down.

When you use the tools it provides, a planner will help you structure and organise your life, putting you back in control of things.
You’ll be compelled to write down your thoughts.

This will give you the clarity of mind to prioritise your tasks and the latitude to think and plan ahead.

The result you get then is maximised productivity, good time management, and your life back!

“The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory.”

Mark Batterson

3 Best Selling Inspirational And Productivity Year Planners For 2021

Whether you’re keen on maximising your productivity or having a workable structure, or even being better organised, you would surely need one of these.

If you decide to purchase any item through the retailer links provided on this site, I may earn an affiliate commission as a result. Please note that this isn’t a sponsored post.

(Kindly refer to our affiliate disclosure for more information).

# 1  The All in One Digital Planner For 2021

The All in One Digital Planner is by the Australian company Amethyst & Garnet, owned by Kieran Yohan.

The business started seven months and is making great strides in the digital planner space.

Digital planners are great in helping you being efficient, productive and enjoying the journaling experience whilst having a very minimal footprint.

Kieran yohan

We’ve all had one form of digital planner or another on our mobile phones or iPads. This, though, beats them all by a mile.

Unsurprisingly, it’s received a flurry of positive reviews from happy customers and was also featured on CNN.

Although Yohan says: “The planner has been created to work on any PDF annotation app or software across multiple devices,” her personal preference is the iPad (with a stylus).

You can use it with Goodnotes and Notability too.

Why I Like it

This  planner is  a comprehensive package, it leaves nothing out!

Image Courtesy: Etsy

It helps you keep track of the most minute details of your day, from your sleep, mood, hydration, favourite recipes, grocery list, kitchen inventory, vitamins, and supplements log to what you watch and read.

That’s not all. If you want to focus on self-care, goal setting, and reviews, making positive affirmations, self-reflection, prioritising, journaling, and being super organised, you might want to check it out.

Best of all, you can plan your routines and chores and set yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly goals, be they fitness, financial, nutritional, wellness, projects, and whatsoever you wish to achieve.

With the All in One Digital Planner, you literally have your life in your hands.

And guess what, you can get it instantly; all you need do is download it.

Above all, your thoughts are locked away from snoopy eyes if you set a password to your device.

Check out other products by Amethyst & Garnet

Just So You’re Aware

Be aware that this excellent planner isn’t suitable for mobile phones as mobile versions wouldn’t be efficient.

The device of choice is an iPad.

While it’s pitched as “human-centric” by the developer, I feel it may take a little getting used to for someone who’s new to the world of digital planners, as there’re over 30 features to get acquainted with.

You can’t print it out either.

Yohan doesn’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.

My verdict: I love this product. There’re no shipping costs or restrictions. You can download it instantly from any corner of the globe.

 # 2 The Inspirational Undated Weekly Planner

Image Courtesy: Esty

The Inspirational Undated Weekly Planner is a handmade diary by a United Kingdom-based stationery and lifestyle inspiration company, The Inspired Stories.
The business started in 2016 with their first yearly planner for 2017 called Dear Diary, according to Baiba, the Chief Balance Keeper (Operations).

“Our weekly undated planner in particular was designed after receiving feedback from our customers.”

Baiba, Chief Balance Keeper

Baiba also said:

“This planner’s design allows you to start using it any time of the year and make detailed plans for the upcoming months.

7am – 7pm schedule with 30-minute increments gives you space to assign time blocks, which a lot of our customers have found especially helpful now, with so many of us working from home and needing extra motivation and schedule to our days.”

Designed and made in Europe, it’s dainty and ideal for mums who prefer a physical diary to write into.

This 216-page diary comes with a faux leather flexible cover, a gold foil detail on the cover, a pocket in the back, a bookmark ribbon, and an elastic band closure.

It comes in two colours, sky blue, and beige.

Check out other products by The Inspired Stories

Why I like It

The Inspirational Undated Weekly Planner helps you stay organised.

You can actually plan six months ahead, and it is simple enough for you to use.

Also, being undated means you can get it at any time of the year.

You set goals and write down steps on how you want to reach them

I’m not surprised it’s a bestseller because, with it, you can both set your goals and write down steps on how to reach them, which is very crucial in goal setting.

So, if you want to keep track of your habits, exercise, to-do lists, or even practice positive affirmation and gratitude, journaling, self-reflection, self-care, or reviewing your goals, you might want to check out this planner.

You can personalise it with up to five uppercase letters.

This dainty dairy is an excellent gift idea for your family and friends.

Just So You’re Aware

Be aware that you may need more than one diary in a year. Also, the likelihood of the leaves tearing off is very high as it’s paper.

Your thoughts may not be as private as you want. Anyone can snoop around it to read your most personal thoughts. So, keep it safe.

My verdict: I love it! I recommend it to all mums, the highly motivated and the overwhelmed.

# 3 The 2021 Creative Planner And Prayer Map

The 2021 Creative Planner and Prayer Map is published by Barbour Publishers in Uhrichsville, Ohio, United States.

According to them, they’re one of the leading Christian book publishers in the States, “producing more than 200 frontlist titles per year”.

This best seller is ideal for mums, who love to start off their day with prayers, and is useful for your personal, work, or school use.

There are scriptural promises for you and prompts to pray for others and yourself.

If you want something handy that will fit into your handbag or backpack without getting in your way, then you should consider this 240-page, two colour, spiral bound creative planner.

Why I Like It

You can pour out your soul to God

I would say that this planner is a prayer aid.

The life of a mum is a hectic one. There’re days when you let so many things slip by, including your prayer time.

This creative planner and prayer map helps you get organised in both your spiritual and everyday life.

I like it because it allows you to document your prayer requests to keep track of all your answered prayers.

By so doing, you become more thankful for all your many blessings, encouraged in your faith, and emboldened to pray more.

Most importantly, it’s designed to help you pour out your soul to God in a thoughtful and meaningful way, in addition to setting your goals, accomplishing your tasks, and reflecting on your day.

Just So You’re Aware

You may not have as much privacy with your thoughts as with the case of physical journals, so keep it safe.

Also, watch out for the spiral-bound covers, as they have a way of falling apart after a while.

My verdict: I love it! It’s a must-have for the mum who needs help with her daily prayer routine.


Having a yearly planner is essential as it helps you to stay focused on your vision.

However, if you wish to make the most of your planners, you must be consistent in your day to day actions.

To win this year, mums, your goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time-Bound. 

Remember… “Until you do something about it, nothing can be done about it.”

Please leave a comment below and feel free to share this post. Keep Safe and see you soonest.

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